DeRace is a play-to-earn virtual NFT horse racing metaverse where players can become race horse owners, bookmakers or breeders. Players can earn $DERC, the DeRace token, by entering their horses into races, hosting races in their NFT hippodromes, betting on the races or through breeding NFT horses.


Races take place in hippodromes and players can enter their horses into the races, paying the $DERC fee as set by the hippodrome owner. Prize money is distributed to the race winner at the end of the race, and the hippodrome owners take their cut too.

An integration with Chainlink’s VRF technology, combined with NFT horse speed and stamina attributes is used to determine the winners.


Each hippodrome is split into 10,000 NTF tokens and act as shared in the race course. If a player owns more than half (5,000) of the NTF tokens then they are granted the right to manage the hippodrome and become a bookmaker.

Bookmakers decide when races will take place, any entry requirements such as NFT horse tier restrictions and the entry fees required to enter the race.


Breeding takes place between a female (Mare) and a male (Stallion) horse. The genes from both parents are combined using a genetic algorithm and the newly bred NFT horse inherits the parents’ traits with some randomisation, resulting in a +/-5% deviation of the parent traits. Players can sell their new horses on NFT marketplaces for a profit, or keep them for racing and further breeding.

Play to earn

DeRace promises to allow players further monetisation opportunities through:

  • Betting on races
  • Referral and reward programmes
  • Selling analysis and predictions
  • Bug reporting
  • Watching hippodrome advertisements