DeRace Jockey Club

The DeRace Jockey Club (DCJ) is an exclusive group of DeRace players who recieve benefits and early access to DeRace items and game features.

To join the DCJ you must own and hold an Opie avatar NFT. Opies are a collection of 5,000 horse avatars, each one unique!

By owning an Opie you will gain access to the following benefits:

  • Secret NFT horse sales
  • First to know the latest major news
  • VIP invites to in-game events
  • NFT horse lotteries
  • Early game access
  • Access to the DJC secret chat channels
  • Plus more perks which cannot be disclosed outside of the club

Where to Buy

Visit the official secondary marketplace for DeRace Opie avatars, and join the DeRace Jockey Club.

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Official Sales

Learn about upcoming DeRace Opie avatar NFT sales. Purchase one to join the DeRace Jockey Club and benefit from its perks.

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Club Chat

Learn how to join the exclusive DeRace Jockey Club chats in Discord or Telegram. Opie holders only!

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