Hippodromes are the racecourses where horse races take place. Hippodromes will vary in appearance and come in a range of different lengths and surfaces types such as turf, synthetic and dirt.

At the moment the only hippodromes that exist are the first ones created and owned by DeRace but in June the release of community-owned hippodromes is scheduled.

Each hippodrome will be split into 10,000 NFT tokens which act like shares in the hippodrome. Players can own a part of a hippodrome by purchasing one or more of the NFT tokens. If a player owns 5,000 or more (more than 50%) of the tokens, then they are granted the right to administrate the hippodrome. Hippodrome tokens can be freely traded or bought on secondary markets once the functionality has been added to the game.

Current hippodromes


2 to 7 furlongs

Paradise Hills

2 to 11 furlongs

Upcoming features

Hippodrome management

Players who have over 50% of the hippodrome tokens will control entry fees and when races will take place in their hippodrome, as well as any entry requirements such as horse tier restrictions.

Owners of hippodromes will earn a portion of the race entry fees as well as a percentage of bets placed on the races (once betting has been introduced into the game). It is expected that there will be additional revenue channels introduced such as the ability to sell advertising space within a hippodrome.


Players should be able to view all upcoming races on a dashboard with the option to filter races and find one they wish to place bets on. Players will be able to place bets on a variety of events:

  • The winning horse
  • The top five horses
  • The number of horses that finish the race
  • Potentially more to be revealed

All betting calculations are fully automated and are pay-outs are sent to the winner’s wallets automatically once the race has finished. All bets and rewards are expected to be paid in $DERC, the DeRace token.