DeRace NFT horse tickets were sold before the final NFT horses were minted on Polygon. Holders of NFT horse tickets will be able to redeem their ticket for a random horse of the same tier via the DeRace website. Tickets exist on Binance Smart Chain and Etherium, and both can be redeemed for a minted horse on the Polygon network.

Exchange your ticket for a horse

Learn how to exchange your ticket for a horse by following the guide on the DeRace Medium website.

Exchange schedule

For security reasons, the exchange of horse tickets for horses took place in four initial stages itemised below. However, all tickets can still be exchanged now.

Note: DeRace have stated that whilst they have no plans to disable ticket redeeming at the moment, the process will not be available forever and will eventually be shut down. Ticket holders will be notified and given the last chance to redeem.

  1. 14th November 2021 – Limited edition Binancian NFT horse tickets
    Contract: 0x1dDB2C0897daF18632662E71fdD2dbDC0eB3a9Ec
  2. 16th November 2021 – DeRace NFT horse tickets on BSC network
    Contract: 0x463cfD5b84374ddA419C6aED769c67790060Fba9
  3. 18th November 2021 – DeRace NFT horse tickets on ETH network
    Contract: 0x76f359B6fbD0faD703cefD1B3665d00Ece8e882c
  4. 20th November 2021 – Binance NFT marketplaceā€™s DeRace NFT horse tickets (non-Binancian breed)
    Contract: 0x1dDB2C0897daF18632662E71fdD2dbDC0eB3a9Ec