You can now stake your $DERC tokens on the Polygon network in order to receive Liquid Love NFTs as a reward. Liquid Love is an NFT required to breed NFT horses. You can use Liquid Love NFTs that you earn to breed your NFT horses, or you can sell them on Opensea.

Unlike DeRace’s Liquiding Staking programmes, you just need $DERC tokens to stake. Staking takes place via the DeRace website and is simple and easy. There’s no reason not to put your $DERC to work.

You’re free to top up your staked amount to speed up your reward time, as well as make partial withdrawals if you’d like. Your tokens are not locked and can be withdrawn at any time.

If you have your $DERC tokens on Binance Smart Chain or Etherium, take a look at our bridging page to learn how to bridge your tokens to the Polygon network.

Stake your $DERC tokens to earn Liquid Love NFTs.